Use access keys from Office 2003 in Ribbon programs

In some Microsoft Office programs, menus and toolbars have been replaced by the Ribbon, which is a part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. However, if you have memorized and gotten used to using the access keys from Microsoft Office 2003, you can still use them.

Note: In Microsoft Office Outlook, menus and toolbars are still part of the main window of the program. However, in open items such as e-mail messages, the access keys have been replaced with the Office Fluent Ribbon.

When you are using an access key from Office 2003, a message is displayed to alert you and to remind you which keys you have pressed. For example, in either Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office Excel, you want to insert a hyperlink in your file, and you are used to using the access key sequence from Office 2003, so you press ALT+I. The following message is shown to remind you of which keys you have pressed: Office 2003 access key: ALT, I,. When you press the I key again, the Insert Hyperlink dialog box is displayed.

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