Use a screen reader to print an Excel workbook

You can print in Excel 2016 by using your keyboard and a screen reader. Keyboard shortcuts help you quickly print what you want, the way you want.

Note: This topic assumes that JAWS users have the Virtual Ribbon Menu feature turned off.

Print in Excel

  1. In your worksheet or workbook, select what you want to print and then press Ctrl+P (or Ctrl+F2).

  2. Excel opens with the focus on the Print button and you hear “Backstage view, Print group box, Print button.” (In Narrator, you hear “Off, Print button.”)

    • To print one copy, press Enter (or Alt+P+P).

    • To print more than one copy, press Alt+P+N. The Copies combo box opens and you hear “Copies colon, Edit spin box.” (In Narrator, you hear “Copies, 1 selected.”)

      To select the number of copies you want, use the Up Arrow key or type a number, and then press Enter.

    • To select another printer, press Alt+P+I to open the Printer combo box. Use the arrow keys to select or add a new printer or fax to send the spreadsheet report to. (Excel automatically places the focus on the name of the default printer in Windows.)

    • To select printer settings, press the keyboard shortcut for the setting option you want (or press the Tab key until you hear the name of the combo box with the options you want and press Enter). The printer options and settings and their keyboard shortcuts are:

      Printer settings option


      Print What combo box: use to choose between printing only the active (selected) worksheets in the workbook (the default), the entire workbook, the current cell selection in the current worksheet, or the currently selected table in the current worksheet.


      Pages spin boxes: use to restrict what's printed to just the range of pages you type in these boxes, or select using the spinner button.

      Alt+P+H for first page in range;

      Alt+P+J for last page in range

      Two-Sided Printing combo box: use to select whether to print on one side or both sides of the paper.


      Collation combo box: use to select whether or not to collate copies.  


      Orientation combo box: use to select the page orientation, Portrait or Landscape.


      Page Size combo box: use to change paper size selection.


      Margins combo box: use the arrows keys to select predefined margins or, to activate the Custom Margins option to customize the margins, press A.


      Scale to Fit combo box: use to select whether to print page at actual size or shrink it to fit on one page.


  3. When you’ve finished making your selections, press Alt+P, P (or tab to the Print button and press Enter).

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