Use a screen reader to insert a table in an Excel 2016 worksheet

By using a keyboard and screen reader, you can organize data into a table in Excel 2016 for faster analysis. Tables provide easy sorting and filtering, in addition to calculated columns and total rows, which simplify calculations. You can quickly insert a table in the default table style, or format your data as a table in a style that you choose.

Note: This topic assumes that JAWS users have the Virtual Ribbon Menu feature turned off.

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Create a table

  1. On a worksheet, select the cells that you want to include in the table. The cells can be empty or can contain data.

  2. Press Ctrl+T (or Ctrl+L). The Create Table dialog box opens and you hear “Create table dialog.” (In Narrator, you hear “Create table window.”)

  3. Tab to the My table has headers check box.

    Important: Table headers are very important for accessibility. Screen readers use the information in the headers for navigation, and meaningful column headings can help readers understand the data.

    • If the selected range of cells contains data that you want to display as table headers, select the check box.

    • If you want to use the default names Excel provides (for example, Column 1, Column 2, and so on), do not select the check box.

    • To change the default names, select the text in a column header and type the name that you want.

  4. To close the Create Table dialog box and return to the worksheet, tab to the OK button and press Enter.

Keyboard shortcuts for tables

Here is a handy reference for keyboard shortcuts that apply to tables in Excel 2016.

To do this


Create a table in default style

Ctrl+T or Ctrl+L

Format data as a table Insert a row above

Alt+H, T

Insert a row above

Alt+H+I, A

Insert a column to the left

Alt+H+I, L

Delete a row or rows

Alt+H+D, L

Delete a column or columns

Alt+H+D, M

Open the Design tab

F10, J+T

Clear or select table headers

F10, J+T, and then O

Open a context menu

Shift+F10 or Windows Context key

Add a row or column to a table

  1. Select the row above which you want to insert one or more blank rows, or select the column to the left of which you want to insert one or more blank columns.

  2. Press Alt+H+I. The Insert menu opens and you hear “Menu, Insert cells.” (In Narrator, you hear “Excel window, Insert cells.”)

    • To insert a row above the selection, press A.

    • To insert a column to the left of the selection, press L.

Delete a row or column from a table

  1. Select one or more rows or columns that you want to delete.

  2. Press Alt+H+D. The Delete menu opens and you hear “Menu, Delete cells.” (In Narrator, you hear “Delete items, Menu item, Menu.”)

    • To delete selected rows, press L.

    • To delete selected columns, press M.

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