Use Visio Viewer to view or print Visio drawings

With Visio Viewer, you can open, view, or print Visio drawings, even if you don't have Visio installed.

Download the latest version of Visio Viewer from the Microsoft Download Center.

View a drawing with Visio Viewer

When you open a drawing with Visio Viewer, the drawing appears inside an Internet Explorer window. If a drawing has more than one page, the pages are available as tabs along the bottom of the viewer.

Move around the drawing

  • Click and drag the drawing to move it around in the browser window, or use the scroll bars or arrow keys.

  • To zoom into a specific area in your drawing, press CTRL+SHIFT and drag a rectangle around the area you want to magnify.

  • To center the page in the browser, right-click the drawing, click Zoom, and then click Whole Page.

  • To go to a different page in the drawing, click the page tab at the bottom of the drawing window.

View shape data stored with a shape

  • Double-click a shape in the Visio drawing.

Shape data appears in the Properties dialog on the Shape Properties tab. If this tab is blank, the shape doesn't include any data.

Print a drawing from Visio Viewer

When you print a Visio drawing with Visio Viewer, it prints from your web browser, not from Visio.

  1. Set up your view of the diagram with the same zoom factor and center point in your browser window that you want to use on the printed page.

    If you want to print your entire drawing, view your entire drawing in your browser window and center it in the window. (Right-click the drawing > Zoom > Whole Page.)

  2. Open your browser’s Page Setup options to specify your printer settings.

  3. Use your browser’s Print Preview option to see how the diagram will look when printed.

    If it doesn’t look right, close the Print Preview dialog box and re-center the diagram and change the zoom setting to match how you want it to look on the page.

Temporarily change drawing and viewer properties

  1. On the Visio Viewer toolbar, click the Properties button button image .

  2. Use the options on the Display tab, the Layers tab, and the Comments tab to hide and show parts of the drawing and the viewer.

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