Use Entourage with Office for Mac 2011

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If you have Entourage 2004 or Entourage 2008, you can continue to use it along with Office for Mac 2011. This scenario might be useful if you purchase a version of Office for Mac 2011 that does not include Outlook. Outlook is the e-mail application that replaced Entourage in Office for Mac 2011.

When you install Office for Mac 2011, applications from earlier versions of Office are not deleted. However, you can manually delete applications and corresponding Dock icons that you no longer need, such as earlier versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Limitations of using Entourage with Office for Mac 2011

Office 2011 is optimized to work with Outlook for Mac 2011. Therefore, there are limitations when you use Entourage with Office 2011. These limitations include:

  • Information pasted to the Scrapbook is not shared between Entourage and Office 2011 applications.

  • The Entourage Address Book cannot be accessed through Office 2011 applications. Similarly, Word 2011 applications can store contacts, but those contacts are not available to Entourage.

  • Office 2011 does not include Project Center. You can continue to use Project Center in Entourage, but it is incompatible with applications in Office 2011.

  • Entourage and Office 2011 display reminders in separate versions of the Office Reminders application.

Delete Office applications that you no longer need

After you install Office for Mac 2011, you might want to delete applications that you no longer need, such as earlier versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

  1. In the /Applications/ folder, open the folder that contains the earlier version of Office. For Office 2004, the folder is /Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/. For Office 2008, the folder is /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/.

  2. Select the applications that you want to delete, and then drag them to the Trash.

    Caution: Do not delete any folders, such as the /Office/ folder. Deleting any of these folders could cause problems with Entourage.

Delete unnecessary icons from the Dock

If your Dock contains icons for applications that you no longer use (or have deleted), you can delete the icons from the Dock. To make sure that you delete the correct icons, use the following table, which displays the primary application icons for Office 2004, Office 2008, and Office 2011.


Office 2004

Office 2008

Office 2011


Entourage 2004 Dock icon

Entourage 2008 Dock icon

Outlook 2011 Dock icon


Excel 2004 Dock icon

Excel 2008 Dock icon

Excel 2011 Dock icon


PowerPoint 2004 Dock icon

PowerPoint 2008 Dock icon

PowerPoint 2011 Dock icon


Word 2004 Dock icon

Word 2008 Dock icon

Word 2011 Dock icon

  • To delete an icon, drag it from the Dock.


    • When you delete an icon from the Dock, the application is not affected; only the Dock shortcut is removed.

    • For more information about how to add or remove icons from the Dock, see Mac Help.

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