Upgrade Company Data wizard: options and information

The Upgrade Company Data wizard helps you upgrade your company file for use with the latest version of Microsoft Office Accounting 2008.

Note: Because of changes in the product, the parsing of address information may change during the company data upgrade. Additionally, any label customization made in the previous version will not be carried forward.

Start the wizard

The Upgrade Company Data wizard automatically launches when you open a data file created with an older version of the application. If you open a company data file and the Upgrade Company Data wizard does not appear, that file does not need upgrading.

Before proceeding with the upgrade, the wizard will back up the original file. Any changes you make to the upgraded file will not appear in this backup file. To use the older version of Office Accounting, you will need to restore the backup file and reenter all data introduced after the upgrade.

Wizard pages

Select backup settings

The Backup file name field displays the name and location of the backup file Office Accounting 2008 will create. To change the name and location of the backup file, click Browse.

For added protection, you have the option of securing your backup file with a password. Enter your password in the Password and Verify password boxes.

Create new shortcut

The Create new shortcut page appears when you upgrade a company created with an earlier version of Office Accounting and need to migrate your data from a Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine database to a SQL Server Express database.

To access your data, you will need to create a new shortcut. To change the name and location of your new shortcut, click Browse.

Complete company data upgrade

If your upgrade is successful, the Completing Company Data Upgrade page will appear. To close the page and exit the wizard, click Finish.

Upgrade company results

If your upgrade is unsuccessful, the Upgrade Company Results page will appear and specify the cause of the failure. To obtain the original version of your company data file, restore the backup file located at the specified link. To close the page and exit the wizard, click Finish.

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