Update your profile privacy settings

Your personal profile contains information about you that people in your organization see when they visit your profile page. Some of this information is fixed by your organization and always shared with everyone, such as your name, title, department and manage. You can optionally provide other personal details about yourself, and share these details with other people be selecting Everyone in the Who can see this? column.

Note:  The settings you can change depend on how your organization has set up personal profiles.

To change your profile privacy settings:

  1. Sign in to Office 365 or SharePoint.

  2. At the top of any site page, select your name and then select About me.
    About item on the Person menu

  3. Select edit your profile to display the Edit Details page.

  4. Select the profile page on which you want to change settings. You may need to select the ellipses () to see the profile pages for Newsfeed Settings, Language and Region, and Additional Information.

    Note:  You can’t change settings on the Basic Information page because this information is set by your organization.

  5. In the Who can see this? column next to the setting you want to change, select Everyone or Only Me.

  6. Click SaveAll and Close.

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