Update the project plan with information from Project Web Access

You can review and accept any changed or updated information sent to you by your team members and incorporate this information directly into your project. To incorporate updated information in your project, you must be connected to Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 and your project must be an enterprise project.

  1. On the Collaborate menu, click Update Project Progress.

    The New Requests page is displayed in Project, allowing you to view the task changes submitted by resources. If necessary, log on to Project Server.

    Note: You can also access the New Requests page by using Microsoft Office Project Web Access.

  2. Select an update method:

    • To approve or deny specific task updates, select the check box to the left of each task, and then click Accept or Reject.

    • To approve or deny all updated information at once, click Select All and then click Accept or Reject.

    • To run rules you established for automating the approval of task updates, click Actions, and then click Manage Rules. Select the rule you want to run, and then click Run Rule. To run all of your rules, click Run All Rules. For information about defining and using rules, see the Office Project Web Access Help.

      Tip: You can preview the effect of approving task updates before actually updating your project. After selecting the task updates that you plan to approve, click Preview to view how approving the task updates will change the work values and dates for your project.

  3. Click Administrative Time Requests to review any requests for scheduling administrative time, such as vacation, sick leave, or any other categories identified for your organization.

  4. To approve administrative time requests, select the check box next to each request that you want to approve, and then click Accept. Select a request, and click Reject to deny the request.

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