Troubleshoot working with pictures

Viewing and Organizing Pictures

Some files are not appearing in the preview pane

The default setting in Microsoft Picture Manager displays only picture file types. You can change the default so Picture Manager shows all file types.

  • On the View menu, click Show Pictures only to clear the check mark next to the command.

A red X appears instead of the picture I want to work with

The file you are attempting to view may be corrupt. Verify that you can open it in another program.

A menu command or toolbar button isn't enabled for the picture I want to work with

You may need to select the picture, or the item you selected is not in a format that you can edit in Picture Manager.

Editing Pictures

I don't like the way an edit turned out

On the Edit menu, click the Undo command.

I can't adjust highlights and shadows

You need to display the settings in the task pane.

Next to Advanced settings, click More.

I cropped my picture, but now its dimensions are all wrong

You can maintain the same aspect ratio while cropping a picture by holding down the SHIFT key while dragging any handle.

The red eye removal feature did not remove the red eyes in my picture

The red eye markers may not have been centered correctly. On the Red Eye Removal task pane, click Reset Selected Eyes, and then try centering the eye markers directly over the pupils of the eyes you want to fix

Undo cancels the edits on all the pictures I edited

The Undo command affects all the pictures that are currently selected. To undo the edits on a picture or pictures, make sure only those pictures are selected before you click the command.

Sharing Pictures

I sent a picture in an e-mail message, but the recipient received the file in a different format

Some e-mail systems convert image files when they are sent in e-mail messages. Make sure that the recipient is able to receive messages in the format you specified.

I sent a picture in an e-mail message, but the recipient cannot open the picture as a file

Make sure you select Attached to the message on the E-mail task pane if you want the recipient to receive the picture as a file.

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