Transfer funds online

If you have multiple accounts at the same bank or financial institution that are set up for online banking, you can transfer funds between these online accounts by using Microsoft Office Accounting 2009. For more information about setting up bank accounts for online access, see Set up online banking.

Before you begin, have your account access information (user name and password) ready and make sure you have an active Internet connection.

  1. On the Banking menu, click Transfer Funds.

  2. Under Transfer from, click the arrow next to Account name to select the online account from which you want to withdraw funds.

  3. Under Transfer to, click the arrow next to Account name to select the online account into which you want to deposit funds.

  4. In the Amount field, type the dollar amount of the funds you want to transfer.

  5. If online banking has been activated for both accounts, the Transfer funds online check box is automatically selected. If you make online banking inactive for one of the accounts, the option is unavailable. Clear the check box if you do not want the transfer to be online.

  6. Click Transfer.

  7. Enter your user ID and password in the User ID and Password dialog box. If you selected Remember my password on the Log On page of the Set Up Online Banking wizard, your information is automatically entered.

  8. Click OK.

If you want to change an online transfer, you cannot edit it or mark it void online. Contact your bank or financial institution directly, by phone or through the Web site, to correct or cancel an online transfer, and then edit or void the transaction in the appropriate account register.

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