Training: Get started with charts

Get Started with Charts

Charts make numerical data visual. You can use charts to see at a glance what the data means and to share this information with others. Download this series of videos to learn how.


Inside this course:

Insert a chart (1:34)
Learn to take your data and quickly insert a chart

Update chart and explore chart elements (2:42)
Update a chart to include additional data and new elements

Add titles and labels (2:00)
Help make your chart easier to understand by adding titles and labels

Format labels and data series (1:38)
Format your labels to highlight your data and learn to apply effects to your chart

Add a combination chart and secondary axis (1:57)
To plot different types of information on the same chart, use a combination chart

Copy, print, and reuse a chart (2:06)
Discover print options to print your entire sheet, or just the chart

Practice file

Download and use this practice file for hands-on experience while watching the video.

Excel practice file Charts.xlsx (50 K)

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