Time off and availability in Shifts

Time off and availability in Shifts

Request time off

Vacation coming up? Request time off easily with the following steps.

  1. Choose More options button at the top right of the app screen and all your requests will appear.

  2. Choose Add button Add request above where your requests are listed.

  3. A new page will appear. Choose the Time off tab if it’s not already highlighted.

  4. Fill out your time off request.

  5. Choose Send request in the bottom right of the app screen, and you manager will receive a notification.

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Request time off

Set your availability

Request time off

  1. In Shifts, tap Add button > Time off.

  2. If you’re on more than one team, choose the team you want to take time off from.

  3. Choose the type of time off you want to request.

  4. If you’ll be unavailable for the day(s) you’re requesting, make sure the All Day toggle is switched on.

  5. If not, make sure the toggle is off and select the applicable times.

  6. Fill in the reason (optional), then tap Done, and a request will be sent to your manager.

Set your availability

  1. In Shifts, tap Add button > Set availability.

  2. Set your availability for each day.

  3. If you’re available for only part of the day, tap on it, turn the All Day toggle off, and set the times you’re available.

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