Time Entry form: options and information

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009 only.

Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 maintains your employee records and tracks the hours worked. Accounting 2009 also matches billable hours to customer invoices. Use the Time Entry form to track time that is spent on work for a customer and to track employee hours for payroll.

Note: If you use Payroll for Accounting 2009, you can opt to have the employee time that you capture on this form transferred to payroll when you process pay.

Open the form

To open a Time Entry form, click New Time Entry on the Employees menu.

Form options

The form contains the following options.




Shows the current date. To change the date, click the Date arrow.


Displays a unique identifier for the document. The number is based on incremental sequencing from the previous form of the same type. You can enter a different number.

Employee name

(Required.) Click the Employee name arrow to select an employee, or click Add a new Employee.

Customer name

Click the Customer name arrow to select a customer name related to the work done, or click Add a new Customer.

Billing service

Click the Billing service arrow to select a service item, or click Add a new Product.

*Job name

Click the Job name arrow to select a job, or click Add a new Job.


Describe the work done on the time entry.


Select this check box if the time entry is billable. If the time entry is not billable, clear this check box.

Duration (hours)

(Required.) Enter the employee's hours. The time that you enter must be equal to or less than 24 hours for each day.

Start date

Click the Start date arrow to open the calendar.

Payroll code

This field appears only if you have subscribed to Payroll for Accounting 2009. You can subscribe to Payroll for Accounting 2009 the first time you set up payroll in the Company Setup Wizard or at any other time by pointing to Payroll Services, and then clicking Sign Up for Payroll on the Employees menu. Click the Payroll code arrow to select a pay type (payroll code).


Enter any information about the time entry.

Add Links

Click Add Links to link various files to the time entry such as contracts, Microsoft Office Excel worksheets or pictures. Only the application icon and document name appear in this field. Double-click the icon of the document that you want to open. This is a link to the original document, not to a copy.

Additional tasks

You can perform the following tasks directly on the form.



View saved time entries

You can see time entries on the Time Entry List.

You can modify a form to capture relevant information or to make entering information more efficient.

Modify by adding, moving or removing fields. You can also rename field and group header names. To modify a form, click Modify Layout on the View menu.

Note: When you save a modified form, Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 will continue to open this template until you select a different template. To select a different template, click the Current Layout arrow on the toolbar.

You can perform the following tasks by using the Actions menu.

Actions menu



New Time Entry

Click to open a new Time Entry form.

Create Invoice

If one or more time entry records contain items billable to one customer, you can create an invoice. Click to create an invoice from a Time Entry form.

Transaction History

To view the time entry history for an employee, click Transaction History.

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