The Dial-in conferencing blocked users report

In the Office 365 admin center, you can locate lots of different types of reports, including those for Skype for Business Online. The dial-in conferencing blocked users report shows the list of users who were blocked or unblocked for fraudulent call activities over the past three (3) months.

To view this report
  1. Go to the Office 365 admin center > Reports.

  2. In the Office 365 Dashboard window, under Skype for Business click Users blocked.

This report looks like:

The Dial-in conferencing blocked users report

This report uses these metrics:



Action Date

Shows the date when the user was blocked or unblocked.

User Name

Shows the user's user principal name.

Action Type

Shows whether the user was blocked or unblocked.

Telephone Number

Shows the telephone number of the user.


Shows the reason why the user was blocked.

Want to know more about reporting in Skype for Business Online?

You can monitor and view usage trends and view the users who were blocked or unblocked because of fraudulent activities.

You can import the report data into Excel with the provided RESTful WebService API and CsUsersBlockedDaily see Using Excel to Retrieve Office 365 Reporting Data

Although it's easier to use the Office 365 admin center, you can also use the Get-CsUsersBlockedReport cmdlet to create this Skype for Business Online report.

Important: Skype for Business Online reporting cmdlets are available in Exchange Online PowerShell. To connect to Exchange PowerShell, seeConnect to Exchange Online using remote PowerShell

To view other Skype for Business Online reports, see Quick reference: Skype for Business Online reporting.

When it comes to Windows PowerShell, Skype for Business Online is all about managing users and that users are allowed or not allowed to do. Windows PowerShell, you can manage Office 365 using a single point of administration through automated and scripted actions and streamlines your daily work. To get started with Windows PowerShell, see these topics:

Windows PowerShell has many advantages in speed, simplicity, and productivity over only using the Office 365 admin center UI. Learn about these advantages in the following topics:

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