Take linked notes in OneNote 2016 for Windows

With Linked Notes, you can dock OneNote 2016 to one side of your computer screen so you can look at websites and apps on the other side. It's easier to take notes this way, and you'll have the added benefit of having your notes automatically linked to whatever you're researching.

You can take Linked Notes with Internet Explorer, Word 2016, PowerPoint 2016, and even other OneNote 2016 pages.

  1. Open the app you want to take notes from:

    • In Internet Explorer, make sure the Command bar is visible. (If it’s not, right-click the title bar, and then click Command Bar.) In the menu bar that appears, choose OneNote Linked Notes. (If you don’t see this command, click the small » symbol at the far right of the command bar to display hidden commands.)

    • In Word, PowerPoint or OneNote, click Review > Linked Notes.

  2. In the Select Location dialog box, pick a location for the new notes page and click OK.

    If you choose a section, a new page will be created in it. If you choose an existing page, your linked notes will be added to that page.

  3. On the OneNote window on the right, move the cursor where you want to begin taking linked notes.

Take notes the way you normally would. During a Linked Notes session, OneNote stores a thumbnail image of the page, a text excerpt, and a link to the documents or web page you used for research, so you return to the source content.

Note:  You can stop taking linked notes any time. In the upper-right corner of the docked OneNote window, click the chain link icon, and then choose Stop Taking Linked Notes.

When you move the mouse pointer over individual notes, you’ll see the details of the linked file. Click a thumbnail image to open its associated file.

To see a list of all of the documents that are linked from the current page, or to remove any links that you don't want or need, click the chain link icon in the top corner of the page.

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