Sync error – Notebook is too big (0xE0000025)

Follow these steps to try fix this sync error:

Reduce the number of pages within a section

One cause for this error is that one of your sections has too many pages in it and OneDrive isn’t able to sync your notebook. Try moving some of your pages in that section to another section.

  1. Locate the section that’s having trouble syncing from the sync error.

    Notebook list with sync error

  2. Open that section and select the pages that you want to move to another section, and press Command + C to copy it.

  3. Go to the section where you want to move those pages, and press Command + V to paste it.

  4. Once those pages are safely moved, go back to the original section and delete them.

  5. Try syncing your notebook.

  6. If the sync error continues, try moving more pages.

Reduce the amount of content on each page

Another reason your notebook can’t sync is that one of your pages is too large.

  1. Locate the page that has a lot of embedded files, such as pictures or videos.

  2. When you find that page, try moving some of that content onto another page.

  3. Try syncing your notebook.

  4. If the sync error continues, try looking for other pages that might be too large.

Tip: OneDrive isn’t able to sync pages that are larger than 1 GB.

More help

If after trying these steps you continue to see this sync error, please report this to the OneNote forums on Microsoft Answers, where other community users and members in Microsoft Support can help investigate this issue further.

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