Supervisory review report

Supervisory review policies define which email communications in your organization need review for compliance, and who will perform those reviews. Use this report to see the total number of emails at each stage in the review process. You can use the Supervisory review report to:

  • Verify that your policies are working as you intended.

  • Find out how many emails are being identified for review.

  • How quickly emails identified for review are being processed – and whether there is a backlog.

  • Find out how many emails are outside of compliance and which ones are passing review – you might want to fine-tune your policies or change the number of reviewers based on the report data.

View the Supervisory review report

To get to the report, select these options:

  1. Go to the Security & Compliance Center. The fastest way is to use

  2. In the Security & Compliance Center, click Reports > View reports.

    Screen shot of View reprots option Under Reports

    On the Reports page, select Supervisory review report.

Note: If you see an error when you select Supervisory review report, check you are included in a supervisory role group, as described in Set up groups for Supervisory review. Being included in a Supervisory review role group enables you to use Supervisory review and run the report. The Office 365 admin automatically has access to Supervisory review.

If you want to see data for all supervisory review policies, just select View reports. To see data for a specific policy, enter the policy name. A partial name works too.

Screen shot of a Specific report called Guarantee Policy

When a supervisory review policy identifies an email for review, the email is delivered to the reviewer’s Supervisory review Outlook folder. This report lists each Policy name and the number of emails at each stage in the review process:

Report field

What it means

Not Reviewed

The number of emails that have not been reviewed yet. These emails are awaiting review in the reviewer’s supervisory review folder in Outlook


The number of emails reviewed and marked as compliant. No further action is needed.


The number of emails reviewed and marked questionable. This acts as a flag; other reviewers can help check whether an email needs investigation for compliance.

Non-Compliant (Active)

The number of non-compliant emails that reviewers are currently investigating.

Non-Compliant (Resolved)

The number of non-compliant emails that reviewers investigated and resolved.

Note: For a supervisory review policy to appear in this report, it must be provisioned.

Possible actions to take now

Based on the results in your report, you can check that:

  • Emails identified by a policy are getting reviewed.

  • Non-compliant emails are getting investigated.

If there is a backlog, check with reviewers to understand where there might be an issue in the process.

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