Submit multiple billable items from Business Contact Manager to your accounting system

  1. If you have not already done so, integrate your accounting system with Business Contact Manager for Outlook. For more information about how to integrate your accounting system and Business Contact Manager for Outlook, see Help in your accounting system.

  2. Mark any project tasks, appointments, phone logs, and tasks that you want as billable.

    Note: Recurring appointments or tasks can be marked as billable, but Business Contact Manager for Outlook will submit only the first occurrence of the appointment or task once. You can create individual appointments or tasks to submit them.


    1. Click the project task, appointment, phone log, or task.

    2. On the Actions menu, click Mark as Billable.

    3. Repeat the preceding two steps for each item that you want to mark as billable.

    How do I determine if a project task, appointment, phone log, or task has already been marked as billable?

    1. Double-click the project task, appointment, phone log, or task.

      In appointments and tasks, a field located above the Subject line displays as Billable when an item is marked as billable.

      In project tasks and phone logs, the Billable button is selected.

    Note: To submit several time entries for an employee, each item must be marked as billable.

  3. On the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Accounting Tools, and then click Submit Billable Time.

  4. In the Submit Billable Time dialog box, click the employee name for whom you want to submit billable time.

  5. In the Look for box, click the time period for which you want to submit billable time.

  6. To specify the duration for a particular item, in the Actual column, click the amount of time that you spent completing the item.

    The Actual column for project tasks and tasks may contain the amount of time that was spent completing the item when the amount of time has been specified on the Project Task or Task form in the Actual work field. To specify the actual work for a project task or task, on the form, on the Ribbon, click Details, and then in the Actual work field, type the amount of time it took to complete the item.

  7. To bill a particular Account, in the table, in the Bill To column, enter the Account.

    The Bill To column for a billable item automatically contains the name of an Account, if that billable item is linked to an Account.

  8. To select a service that is related to the billable item, in the table, in the Billing Item column, click the service that you want.

  9. Repeat the preceding three steps for each Account that you want to bill for each billable item, and to specify billing items.

  10. Click Submit.

    The items are added to your accounting system as time entries.


  • Only items that were not previously submitted are displayed in the Submit Billable Time dialog box.

  • To create a time entry from a phone log, you must specify the duration of the phone log.

  • You must specify a start date and a duration for tasks. Tasks must have a date range that is within a specified time period. Each time entry must be greater than 0 and can be up to 24 hours.

  • The preceding features may not be available with your accounting system. For more information, see Help in your accounting system.

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