Specifying a provisional code in Management Reporter

The provisional reporting codes in the report library determines whether Microsoft Office PerformancePoint 2007 Management Reporter includes posted, unposted, or posted and unposted financial data transactions in the report. Posted transactions include activity from every module (for example, accounts receivable or accounts payable) in which a financial data update has been run.

Provisional Code options

The following table describes the provisional code options.

Balance Option


Posted activity

Includes only the transactions and balances that are posted in your financial data.

Posted and unposted activity

Includes all of the transactions and balances that are entered and posted in your financial data.

Unposted activity only

Includes only the transactions entered, but not yet posted, in your financial data.

Note: Management Reporter can create reports that are based on posted balances or reports that are based on amounts from unposted balances.

Specify a provisional code

  1. In an open report definition, click the Report tab.

  2. In the Provisional list, click the provisional code that you want to use in the report.

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