Sort data in a table

If you inserted a table in your notes, you can sort the information alphabetically or numerically — either in ascending or descending order.

  1. Click any cell in your table.

  2. Click Layout > Sort, and then click either Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.


    • To sort two or more rows in your table, and not the whole table at once, select the rows you want to sort, and click Layout > Sort > Sort Selected Rows.

    • To set a particular row in your tables as the starting point for sorting, select the row, and click Layout > Sort > Header Row.

If you have Microsoft Excel 2013 installed on the same computer as OneNote 2013, you can convert any table in your notes into an Excel 2013 spreadsheet. Click the table, and then click Layout > Convert to Excel Spreadsheet. When you double-click the Edit button in the embedded spreadsheet that appears, it will open in Excel 2013.

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