SharePoint Designer 2007 Resources

SharePoint Designer 2007

Introducing Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

Command-line switches for SharePoint Designer

Arrange the task panes


Add a list of summary links to a publishing page layout

Get started with basic site customizations

Introduction to ASP.NET master pages

Introduction to building SharePoint applications

Add a page to a SharePoint site

Add a server-side script as a data source

Add a SharePoint list toolbar to a Data View

Add a table of contents to a publishing page layout

Add another SharePoint site to the Data Source Library

Allow or restrict the use of Code view by Contributor groups

Anatomy of a publishing site in Office SharePoint Server 2007

Apply a custom style sheet to a SharePoint site

Apply conditional formatting to a Data View

Attach or detach an external cascading style sheet

Change the layout of a Data View

Change the current master page

Change the default country/region, date, time, number or measurements format

Change the default font used in Design and Code views

Change the number of records displayed in a Data View

Connect two Data Views

Copy and modify a data source

Create a content page from a master page

Create a Contributor group

Create a custom list form

Create a data source query

Create a Data View

Create a formula column in a Data View

Create a publishing page layout

Create a SharePoint site

Create and apply a style

Create and manage publishing pages

Create or modify a cascading style sheet

Create pages in Contributor mode

Customize a publishing page layout

Demo: Display data from multiple sources in a single Data View

Display data from multiple sources in a single Data View

Edit, delete, or insert records in a Data View

Filter data in a Data View

Filter, sort, or group a Data View in the browser

Find a data source

Insert a Data View as a form

Insert or delete a Web Part

Insert or delete a Web Part zone

Introduction to Contributor Settings

Modify the columns in a Data View

Modify the default master page

Modify the default SharePoint content placeholders

Move a data source between sites in the Data Source Library

Open a SharePoint site

Open or edit a file in a SharePoint library

Remove a data source from the Data Source Library

Remove or delete a style

Reset a customized page to the site definition

Sample master pages overview

Save a file to a SharePoint library or another Web location

Sort and group data in a Data View

Test a data source

Track customized master pages

Use Contributor Settings as a site manager

Work in Contributor mode as a content author


Introduction to SharePoint workflow

Create a workflow

Add a built-in form action to a Data View

Add a database as a data source

Add a hyperlink to a Data View

Add a linked data source

Add a SharePoint list or library as a data source

Add an XML file as a data source

Add an XML Web service as a data source

Assign a form to a group in a workflow

Assign a to-do item in a workflow

Collect data from a user in a workflow

Create a secondary workflow

Create a workflow initiation form

Define a workflow lookup

Delete or remove a workflow

Send e-mail in a workflow

Troubleshoot workflow errors

Use variables in workflows

Watch this: Design a document review workflow solution

Watch this: Run a workflow when a specific field changes

Workflow example: Create a task from a discussion item

Workflow example: Route an expense report for review

Workflow example: Send a notification message

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