Share your Excel 2016 workbook with others

In Excel 2016 for Windows, it's easier than ever to share your workbooks with others.

Using a web browser, upload or create a new workbook on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or a SharePoint Online library.

  1. If you uploaded the file, click the filename to open it. The workbook will open in a new tab in your web browser.

  2. Click the Edit in Excel button. If you don't have this button, click Edit in Browser, and then click Edit in Excel after the page reloads.

  3. If you are prompted to choose a version of Excel, click Excel 2016.

  4. When the file opens in the Excel program, click Share in the upper-right.

  5. Type email addresses in the Invite people box, and separate each with a semicolon. Make sure to also select Can edit. When you’re done, click the Share button.

    Tip: Look at the bottom of the pane. The Get a sharing link lets you send the email invitation yourself. If you have Excel for Office 365 subscribers, you'll see the Send as attachment link. That lets you send a copy of the file as either an .xlsx, or .pdf file in an email message.

  6. If you clicked the Share button in the previous step, email messages will be sent to each person. The message will come from your email address. You will also receive a copy of the message, just so you know what it looks like.

If you clicked the Share button, people will receive an email message inviting them to open the file. They can click the link to open the workbook. A web browser will open, and the workbook will open in Excel Online.

Tip: If they're using the latest version of Excel, PowerPoint, or Word there's an easier way: They can click File > Open and select Shared with Me.

If you want people to work in the file at the same time, they can click Edit Workbook > Edit in Browser. If people want to use an Excel app to edit the file, they need to use a version of the Excel app that supports co-authoring. For more information on versions that support co-authoring, see Collaborate on Excel workbooks at the same time with co-authoring

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