Share files in OneDrive for Android

Use OneDrive on your Android device for sharing files, folders and photos just as you can on the PC. Files others have shared with you are also accessible on your device.

Share a file

In the OneDrive app, tap the check box by the file or folder you want to share and tap Share Share files .

If you want to share with a few specific people, select Invite people or Send files.

If you want to share with a large number of people, such as in a social media or blog post, select Share a link.

Invite people to share
  1. Tap Share > Invite people.

  2. At Add people to share with, enter the names or e-mail addresses you want.

  3. If you want the recipients to be able to add changes or edits, check the box at Allow editing. Uncheck that box to make the file read-only for the recipients.

    Tip: To add a note to your sharing invitation, tap the arrow at the end of Allow editing, then tap Add a quick note and type what you want to say.

  4. Tap Send Send share invitation . The recipients get an email message with a link to the document.

Share a link
  1. Tap Share > Share a link.

  2. Select whether you want recipients to be able to Edit the file, or View the file as read-only, then tap OK.

  3. In the Share the link via list, tap the app you want to use for sharing the link. You might have to drag the list upward to see all the options.

Note: Remember that anyone who has the link can open, download and save the document, and forward the link.

Share as an attachment
  1. Tap Share > Send files.

  2. In the Share with list, tap the app you want to use to send the attached file.

  3. If you want to use that app every time you share as an attached file, tap Always. If you tap Just once, this choice appears again next time you share as an attachment.

    After you make this selection, the app you selected opens. Use it to share the file.

Tip: Sharing as an attachment works only with individual files. If you want to share a folder, use Invite people or Share a link.

Files shared with you

When someone shares a OneDrive file or folder with you, you typically get an email message or a notification on your Android device. Find the files in the OneDrive app, in the Shared view - tap Menu Delve for Android Menu for the list of available views.

Shared view in OneDrive

Shared view includes files shared with you, and files you've shared with others. Tap a sharer's name to find the files shared by that person.

Shared files view

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