Set your status option

By setting your status options, also known as "presence," your contacts can see whether you're available to chat or whether to reach you another way. You can set your status before and after you sign in.

Do any of the following:

Set your status for every time you sign in

When you set your status at the sign-in window, the messaging client remembers the status even after you sign out. It assigns the same sign-in status the next time that you sign in.

  1. In the Communicator for Mac sign-in window, click Sign in with a different account or change your online status.

  2. In the Status pop-up menu, click the desired status.

    Note: To learn more about the different status options, see Online status options in Communicator.

Change your status for the current session

  1. Sign in to Communicator.

  2. In the Contacts window, click the status icon next to your name, and then click the description that best describes your status.

Change the time interval at which your status changes to Away

You can set the idle time that you want to elapse before the messaging application changes your status to Away. Idle time is when your computer is not receiving input from the keyboard, mouse, or voice commands.

  1. Sign in to Communicator.

  2. On the Communicator menu, click Preferences.

  3. Click General, and then under Status, enter a number after Show me as "Away" when I'm inactive for.

    Tip: If you don't want to automatically change your status to Away, clear the check box.

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