Set Video Device options

Microsoft Skype for Business detects your computer’s built-in camera and any compatible cameras that are connected to your computer. While you’re offline, you can adjust your camera settings, but, to make video calls, you must be connected to the Internet. And your organization must support video calling. For details, contact your workplace technical support.

To open Video Device options, click the Options icon Lync Options button , and then click Video Device.

In Video Device options, if your camera is correctly connected to your computer, the video picture is displayed. If you have another program open, such as your camera program, you won’t see the video picture until you close that program.

To change the camera Skype for Business uses, if more than one camera is listed in the Select the camera you want to use for video calls list, select the camera you want.

To adjust any settings, including color balance, contrast, brightness, and black-and-white mode, click the Camera Settings button.

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