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Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009 only.

If you employ an accountant to help you with your books, you can use Accountant Transfer: Send to assist you in transferring your financial data files. If you and your accountant have enabled online transfer, you can select to automatically upload the data files to a Microsoft Office Live Web site. Or you can have Accountant Transfer: Send compress and save your books to a location on your hard disk, and then manually send the data file by e-mail attachment, CD, or USB flash drive. If you select the online option, you will be asked to supply your Windows Live ID.

Note:  The Accountant View toolbar displays information to indicate that an accountant transfer file has been created.

If you are an accountant, you can use Accountant Transfer: Send to return financial data files that you have reviewed to your clients:

  1. On the File menu, point to Accountant Transfer, and then click Send Books.

    Note: *Accountants can also access the transfer function in Accountant View. If an accountant wants to select the online transfer option, it is available only in Accountant View. For more information, see About Accountant View.

  2. Follow the instructions in Accountant Transfer: Send.

When you export your data file to send to your accountant, you will be requested to set a cutoff date. The cutoff date is a set point in time before which you cannot create or edit transactions while your accountant has your data file for review. For example, if the cutoff date is August 31, you can only create transactions dated September 1 or later. You can create and edit customers, vendors, employees, items, or jobs, but you cannot create or edit tax vendors before the cutoff date. There are certain user limitations while your accountant has your data:

  • No transactions that affect accounting records can be posted or edited on or before the cutoff date. This includes invoices, vendor bills, item receipts, journal entries, or payroll downloads.

  • No records related to taxes can be added or edited on or before the cutoff date. This includes tax vendors, tax groups, tax codes, tax code rates, and tax payment terms.

  • No changes in the Preferences dialog box can be made.

  • No fiscal year changes can be made.

  • No changes to recurring documents that were created on or before the cutoff date can be made.

  • No reconciliations of bank transactions created on or before the cutoff date can be made.

  • No setup of online banking can be made.

The Select a cutoff date page only appears when you are sending data to your accountant. It does not appear when an accountant is sending a file to a client.

To work with your company file, an accountant must have Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 installed on a computer on which he or she has administrator access.

Note:  If your accountant has administrator access to the computer where Office Accounting 2009 is installed, he or she has full control of Accounting 2009.

If an accountant does not have administrator access to the computer, the administrator for the computer must do the following:

  • Import the data file that is to be reviewed.

  • Add the accountant as a user to Imported Company with roles (Owner or Accountant). For information about managing roles, see Manage users and roles.

  • Assign the Accountant role to the accountant's user name.

Note: If you specify a password for your company file, ensure that this password is given to your accountant. The person receiving the accounting export file must have this password to open the file.

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