Send an Instant Message using Skype for Business with a screen reader

In Skype for Business, you can use keyboard shortcuts, keystrokes, and a screen reader to send an instant message (IM) to anyone who has a Skype account.

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Send a text message to one person

  1. Launch Skype for Business. The focus is in the Find Someone search box.

  2. Type in a person’s name or email address. The My Contacts tab lists matching contacts. (In Narrator, when a name matches your search string you hear “Search pane updated,” and the focus switches to the My Contacts tab.)

  3. To move through the search results, press the Down Arrow key. You hear “My Contacts,” and then you hear the names of the contacts.

  4. To send an IM to a selected contact, press Enter. This opens an IM chat window with that contact. You hear the person’s name or email address, and their current status. The focus is in the Chat Input field.

    Tip: If an IM recipient has a Skype account but their status is anything other than “Available,” they may not respond instantly, or the message may go to their Conversation Archives if they are not currently online.

  5. To send your message, type your text and press Enter.

Send files in an IM

Tip: When you have an IM conversation window open, you can send any kind of file to the other person.

When you are in a meeting or a multi-person IM conversation, the files are sent to everyone in that meeting or conversation.

  1. To navigate to the Choose File to Send button, press the Tab key. You hear “Choose file to send.”

  2. To open the File Select dialog box, press Spacebar. You hear “Send a file to all participants.”

  3. Navigate through the File Select dialog box and select the file(s) you wish to send.

    Tip You can send a text response, or you can send a file, but you cannot send both at the same time. If you have text in the Message field that has not been sent, that text will be lost when you send a file.

  4. When you’ve selected the file(s) you wish to send, select the Open button and press Enter.

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