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Find out what products and services your admin has assigned you in your Office 365 for business account.

To deactivate one of your Office installations:
  1. Click Manage installs on the My account page.

  2. Find the computer name of the device where you would like to deactivate the Office installation.

  3. Click Deactivate and then Yes in the dialog box that appears.

Note: You can reinstall Office by clicking Install desktop applications.

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With Office 365 through your work or school, your admin decides what subscriptions and services you get.

Once signed in, go to the My account page. From there, click View Subscriptions.

You will see a list of services your organization has assigned to you.

Just like you need a license to drive a car, you need a license to use your Office products.

Many of the services could be unfamiliar to you.

For example, Exchange Online refers to your e-mail and Sway is a new presentation program.

If you have not been assigned any licenses, a message will let you know.

And if your admin has enabled it, you might have the option to purchase a subscription.

If you believe you are missing a product, service or license, contact your organization's admin.

If you have a license that includes Office desktop apps click Manage installs to check installations or install your apps.

Detected installs is the number of devices you have installed Office on.

Each user can install Office on a maximum of five devices.

If you are no longer using one of your installations, you can deactivate it and use that installation on a different device.

When you need to install Office again click Install Desktop applications to go to the Office installation page.

And then Install the apps you want. Now you're all set.

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