Security requirements for SQL and MDX rules in Planning Business Modeler

Because of the potential damage a native SQL or MDX rule can inflict on a database, two administrators must grant approval to create and run native rules. To do this, the two administrators must set flags in the PerformancePoint Planning Server system, as follows:

  • In the Administration Console, on the Create Application or Edit Application page, the PerformancePoint Global Administrator must select the Enable Native SQL/MDX Rules option. After that, you can create, edit, and validate native rules. As long as the option is selected, you can create and edit as many native rules as you like in the application. You can delete existing native rules even if this option is not selected.

  • In theRuleSetsOrRules SQL table for the application, the SQL Database Administrator (DBA) must review each rule in native code. If the DBA approves, the DBA sets the isActivated field to TRUE for each rule in native code.

    If you later edit this rule, the isActivated field is automatically reset to FALSE. Therefore, the DBA must review updated rules and reset the isActivated field to TRUE before the rule can be executed.

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