Schedule Meeting

Attendees. Lists the people you want to invite to the meeting as Attendees. Use full e-mail addresses separated by semi-colons.

Presenters. Lists the people you want to invite to the meeting as Presenters. Use full e-mail addresses separated by semi-colons.

Subject. Required. Specifies the meeting title.

Location. Provides additional meeting information, such as a physical meeting location.

Start. Required. Indicates the start date and time of a meeting. Must be earlier than the End date and time to be considered valid.

End. Required. Indicates the end date and time of the meeting. Must be later than the Start date and time to be valid.

Time Zone. Required. Indicates the time zone for the start and end settings. Essential for conveying the meeting time in invitations sent to participants in other time zones.

Occurrence. Required. Specifies how often the meeting will take place.

Audio. Required. Specifies the type of audio that will be used for the audio portion of the meeting.

Meeting Options. Opens the Meeting Options page.

Message. A custom message to be included in the meeting invitation.

Send Invitations using your Email client. Specifies the meeting invitations will be sent to meeting participants using your e-mail client.

Send Invitations using Live Meeting. Specifies the meeting invitations will be sent to meeting participants by Live Meeting.

Send Invitations. Schedules the meeting on the server and sends invitations to meeting participants.

Save. Schedules the meeting on the server, but does not send invitations to meeting participants.

Cancel. Exits the Schedule Meeting page, without scheduling the meeting or sending invitations.

All items marked with a red asterisk in the Schedule Meeting form are required and must be supplied before the meeting invitation can be sent. All required items, except for Subject, are automatically set to defaults. For example, the Start time defaults to the beginning of the next full hour or half hour, and the End time defaults to one hour after the start of the meeting.

Default meeting options are configured by the Live Meeting Administrator. You can override the defaults by changing them and saving your own default settings to use for future meetings.

You must specify at least one meeting participant in either the Attendees or Presenters field in order to send invitations using Live Meeting.

If you receive an error indicating that an address is not well formed, make sure you have separated e-mail addresses with semi-colons, and not with commas or other punctuation marks.

If you receive an error about valid and invalid e-mail address formats, review the address that is considered invalid and make the changes necessary, so that it includes a user name preceding the @ symbol, and whatever dots may be needed in the domain name and suffix portion, in order to comply with the valid name format of

It can take several minutes for meeting invitations to arrive, but if a meeting invitation does not reach an intended participant, review the meeting details and verify that you typed the correct, full e-mail address for that meeting participant.

My Home

Opens the My Home page.


  • Schedule Meeting. Opens the Schedule Meeting template.

  • Meet Now. Joins you to your Meet Now meeting room.

  • Join Meeting. Displays the Join Meeting page.


  • Meetings. Opens the Manage Meetings page, where you can view and sort all your meetings.

  • Recordings. Links to the Manage Recordings page, where you can view and sort all your meeting recordings.

  • Storage. Links to the Manage Storage page, where you can view and manage storage of meetings and recordings.

  • User Preferences. Displays the User Preferences page, where you can configure or edit your user preference settings.

  • Address Book. Opens the Manage Address Book page, where you can view contacts in your personal address book.

  • Events. Links to the Events page, where you can view, filter, and create new events.


  • Recordings. Displays the View Recordings page, where you can view a list of your recordings.

  • Reports. Opens the View Reports page, where you can generate those reports that your level of Live Meeting permissions permits.

Administer (account administrators only)

  • Account. Opens the Account Administration Home page (if you have an account Administrator membership).

When you are not logged on to Live Meeting Manager, the navigation menu does not include all the items described above.

Only Live Meeting account Administrators see the Administer item in the navigation menu.

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