Saving a workspace invitation as a file

Saving an invitation as a file is a flexible alternative for inviting people to a Groove workspace. Invitees simply open the invitation file to accept and receive the workspace. For example, with a saved invitation file you can:

  • Send it as an e-mail attachment to individuals or groups.

  • Copy it to a floppy disk and deliver to selected people. In this fashion, the invitation file could serve as a backup invitation.

  • Post the file on a file server to allow anyone with the appropriate network access to accept the invitation.

  • Place it in a Documents tool in another workspace.

  • Post the file to a Web page to allow anyone with access to the site to download the invitation and join the workspace.

Note:  If you send people a workspace invitation file, the workspace can be sent to them only from the computer on which the invitation file was created. As a result, the workspace will not be sent to invitees unless you are currently online, or until the next time you go online.

To save a workspace invitation as a file:

  1. Go to the workspace.

  2. Click the Workspace tab, click Invite Members, and then click Save Invitation as File...

  3. Click Browse to select a location in which to save the invitation file or type a path in the filename box.

  4. Select a role to assign with the invitation.

    You can assign only one role in an invitation file. If you are a manager in the workspace, you can promote members' roles later once they join the workspace. However, you cannot demote these member roles later.

  5. If you want to require confirming recipients' acceptance of the workspace, click Require acceptance confirmation.

    This feature is useful for security purposes. It gives you a chance to verify each recipient's identity before you send the workspace.

  6. Click OK.

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