Save a project file as a web page

You can’t save a project file as a web page (HTML) with Project 2013, but you can still share project schedules and updates without much fuss.

Making a PDF is your best bet for sharing a snapshot of your whole project with anyone who has a computer, even if they don’t have Project installed.

  1. Choose the project view you want to share.

  2. Click File > Export > Create PDF/XPS.

Create PDF/XPS button image

Tip:  For info on PDF formatting options, see Save a project file as PDF.

More ways to share project info

  • Draw a timeline   Add a timeline of project highlights to any view, and then email it to your team or add it to a PowerPoint slide.

  • Use a report    You can use Project to create vibrant reports — including charts, tables, and links — of whatever project info you want.

  • Cut and paste    To share project data without the pretty pictures, select fields in the table part of any view, then paste them into Word or Excel.

  • Sync with SharePoint    Project can help you set up a SharePoint Tasks List that syncs with your project. Your team members can view the schedule and update their work in SharePoint, and you’ll see the changes in Project. And vice-versa.

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