Review app discovery findings in Advanced Security Management

Reviewing your app discovery reports in Advanced Security Management can help you learn more about how people in your organization use Office 365 and other cloud apps. After you've created app discovery reports using log files from your firewalls and proxies, review the results in the App Discovery dashboard.

  1. Follow the steps to create one or more app discovery reports.

  2. In Office 365, in the Security & Compliance Center, choose Search & Investigation > Productivity app discovery.

The Discovery dashboard shows you reports created based on logs that were successfully uploaded and analyzed.

Tip: If you followed the steps to create a report but you don't see the report in the dashboard, you may need to wait a little longer for the report to be finished. Or, if you think the report should be ready and it's not, see the troubleshooting steps. You may need to make adjustments to the log files or the data source, and then try creating the report again.

The Discovery dashboard shows app usage grouped into several categories, such as cloud storage and social networks. Productivity app discovery surfaces a lot of information for you about your cloud apps, and it might be a little confusing at first glance. But after you get oriented, you'll discover a wealth of helpful ways you can look at difference slices of the data.

To get started, you can get a general picture of cloud apps in your organization by looking at the App Discovery Dashboard and checking out the following:

  • Start by looking at the overall cloud app use in your organization in the Office 365 categories overview.

  • Then, dive one level deeper to see what the top categories are for apps used in your org, for each of the different use parameters: Users, IP Addresses, Traffic, Upload, and Transactions.

  • Go even deeper: Look at all the apps in a specific category in the Discovered apps widget, by choosing a category from the drop-down list (such as Cloud storage).

  • In the grouping you've selected (such as Cloud storage), choose an options in the second drop-down list. For example, look at the top users and source IP addresses to identify the users who use cloud apps the most in your organization.

  • Next, check where the discovered apps are by geographical location by using the Apps headquarters location map. Here again you can look at subsets by choosing a category.

  • Finally, above the maps area, take a look at the risk score of the discovered apps in the Risk levels overview. You can look at risks by the same groups and categories that you used in the Discovered apps area. For example, you can see how much traffic in each grouping is from high, medium, or low risk apps.

Tip: If you'd like to see more category groupings for apps or get a detailed look at risks they might pose, you can purchase the full Cloud App Security option. Learn more by choosing the options on the App Discovery dashboard: Under Discover more cloud apps, click Tell me more or Start trial to get started with Cloud App Security.

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