Review and fix a data-entry error

As you type, Microsoft Office InfoPath automatically checks for errors in the data that you enter. For example, InfoPath will notify you if you accidentally type your name in a field that accepts only numbers or dates.

If a problem with the information that you type into a form is found, InfoPath will display either a traditional dialog box alert or an inline alert, which shows a dashed red border around the control.

  1. Type into the form.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • If a dialog box appears, read the error message inside the dialog box, and then click OK.

    • If an inline alert appears, rest your pointer over the field to read a ScreenTip, or right-click the field and read the first item on the shortcut menu.

      Note: Certain errors may also include a Full error description command on the shortcut menu, as shown in the following illustration. You can click this command to view additional information about the problem.

      Shortcut menu associated with inline alert

  3. Make the appropriate corrections in the form.

Note: If you forget to enter data into a required field, a red asterisk will appear instead of an inline alert. To make the red asterisk disappear, enter a value in the field.

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