Reuse a data graphic in a different drawing

You can use the same data graphic in multiple drawings simply by copying and pasting a shape with the data graphic that you want.

If you have imported data from an external data source, you can copy the data source as well as the data graphic to the new drawing.

  1. In the original drawing, right-click a shape that has the data graphic that you want to reuse, and then click Copy.

  2. In the drawing that you want to add the data graphic to, right-click anywhere on the page, and then click Paste.

  3. If the copied shape is linked to an imported data source, a message asks if you also want to paste the data source. Do one of the following:

    • Click Yes to paste the data graphic and the imported data source from the original drawing into the new drawing.

    • Click No to paste only the data graphic without the data source.

    • Click Cancel to paste neither the data graphic nor the data source.


      • You will not see this message if the drawing that you are pasting the shape into already contains the same data source.

      • If your shape has a data graphic but is not linked to an imported data source, the data associated with that shape will be copied.

The copied data graphic appears on the drawing page.

For more information about data graphics, see Enhance your data with data graphics.

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