Restore an Opportunity record in Business Contact Manager

You can TE000129571 a deleted Opportunity record by dragging it from the Deleted Items folder to the Opportunities folder. When you restore a deleted Opportunity record, Business Contact Manager for Outlook restores all record information, including the history items that are linked to it.

Note: The Deleted Items folder stores deleted items until you empty it. However, the Deleted Items folder does not keep linked items that were deleted independently of the Opportunity record, including history items. After the Deleted Items folder has been emptied by the database owner, all items that were in the folder are permanently deleted. However, if the items linked to the records exist elsewhere as files or Outlook appointments, tasks, or e-mail messages, they can be accessed and, if you want, linked to other records. Phone logs and business notes are special cases, and only exist if they are linked to records. Therefore, after the records they were linked to are permanently deleted, these items cannot be restored.

Restore an Opportunity record from the Deleted Items folder

  1. On the Go menu, click Folder List, and then open the Navigation Pane.

  2. Click the plus sign next to the Business Contact Manager folder to expand it, and then click Deleted Items.

  3. In the Deleted Items list, click the Opportunity record that you want to restore, and then drag it to the Opportunities folder in the Folder List.

    Note: History items and records that are linked to a deleted Opportunity record do not appear as separate items in the Deleted Items folder.

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