Remove the date (Received) column

The date in the Received column shows the date and time when a message was delivered, and the column appears by default in your Inbox. You can move this column in your Inbox (or any other table  views of message lists in other folders), or you can remove it completely.

When you remove the Received column, the column is removed from the single-line layout, an Inbox view type. In the multi-line layout, the date is no longer displayed in the message listing.

What are single-line and multi-line layouts?

Single-line layout is one of the Outlook table view types. This view type displays message information in your Inbox in a single line. You can also view Inbox messages in multi-line layout, which shows the message information in two lines.

You can also move the Received column to the far right of your Inbox, where, in single-line layout, it shows only when you fully expand your Inbox. In this case, the date still appears in the message listing in multi-line layout.

Note: You can quickly switch from multi-line layout to single-line layout by making your Inbox wider.

What do you want to do?

Remove the Received column

Move the Received column

Remove the Received column

  1. On the View menu, point to Current View, and then click Customize Current View.

  2. Click Fields.

  3. In the Show these fields in this order list, click Received.

  4. Click Remove.

    Tip: In single-line layout in your Inbox, you can quickly remove a column by dragging the column heading away from the row until an X appears over the column heading and then releasing the mouse button.

    Deleted column heading

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Move the Received column

This feature is available only if you are using single-line layout.

  • Drag the column heading until it is over the border between the column headings where you want the column to appear. When a double-arrow marker icon image appears, release the mouse button.

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