Recording List Report


Download CSV. Opens the File Download dialog box with options for downloading the report.

Show all recordings available for viewing between. Defaults to start and end dates encompassing the past month.

Show only my recordings. Displays only recordings that you have made in the filtered report. Available to Administrators only.

View. Applies the filter to the Recording List report.


Start Time. Actual start date and time of the recording.

Recording ID. Recording ID.

Organizer. Name of the meeting Organizer. Click an Organizer name to view the Recording List report for that Organizer. Available to Administrators only.

Bill To. Code used by your organization to keep track of Live Meeting recordings.

Views. Number of times the recording has been viewed.

Duration. Length of the recording in hours, minutes, and seconds.

File Size. Size of the recording in megabytes.

Total Recordings. Total number of recordings in the report.

Average per viewed Recordings. Average number of times that a recording is viewed.


  • Total. Combined length of all recordings in hours, minutes, and seconds.

  • Average. Average length of all recordings in the report.

File Size.

  • Total. Combined file size in megabytes of all recordings.

  • Average. Average file size of all recordings in the report.

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