Quick Start: Reconcile a bank statement

When you receive a statement from a bank or other financial institution, you can match the transactions on the statement with the transactions recorded in the Microsoft Office Accounting bank account register for that account. If you are using online banking, you can download transactions directly from your bank and then reconcile the account.

  1. On the Banking menu, click Reconcile Account.

  2. In the Reconcile Account dialog box, click the arrow next to Account, and then select an account.

    Enter balances during reconciliation

    Note: Asterisks and shaded text boxes indicate required fields.

  3. The Beginning balance field contains the balance in your account when the account was last reconciled. If this is the first time you are reconciling this account, enter the account's opening balance.

  4. In the Ending balance field, enter the ending balance from your bank statement.

  5. Click Next.

  6. On the Reconcile Account page, select the check boxes for the transactions that match your bank statement.

    The totals at the bottom of the page adjust according to your selections.

    Note:  To change the order of the transactions in the list, click the arrow next to View by and select a view option.

  7. If your account is missing transactions or if transactions do not match, do one or more of the following:

    • Add a transaction by clicking Click here to add a new Transaction at the bottom of the page.

      Add item while reconciling

    • Add, edit, or void a bank transaction.

      When the amount in the Difference field is 0 (zero), your account is in balance.

      Balance difference during reconciliation

  8. Click Reconcile.

    A message congratulates you on your success.

    Congratulations after successful reconciliation

  9. Do one of the following:

    • Click Close to close the Reconcile completed dialog box.

    • Click Display Report to open the Reconciliation Detail report.

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