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How to

Add and publish phone numbers

In the Office Communicator Title bar, click the Menu button, click Tools, click Options, and then click the Phones tab. Click the button for the phone number you want to add. Enter the phone number and then click OK. Select the Publish this phone number box to make the number visible to others. After you add the phone number, you should change Access Levels for those contacts with whom you want to share your phone number. See Presence FAQ - Communicator.

Manually change your presence status

Click your Presence button and then select a state.

Set your location

Click your Presence button, point to Current Location, and then select a location or create a new location.

Create a note

Click in the Type a note box, and then enter a note. Click outside the box when you are done.

Office Communicator provides a full set of personal presence attributes that you can customize and make available to other contacts to help them communicate with you. The following table lists Presence attributes provided by Communicator and shows the Access Levels at which the attributes are available.

Presence Attributes and Access Levels Table    

Presence Attribute






Offline Presence


Display Name

E-mail Address

Title *

Work Phone *

Mobile Phone *

Home Phone *

Other Phone


Office *

Work Address *

SharePoint Site*

Meeting Location

Meeting Subject

Free Busy

Working Hours

Endpoint Location

Notes (Out of Office Note)

Notes (Personal)

Last Active

Note: *If these attributes are defined in Microsoft Active Directory, they are visible to all contacts in your company, regardless of Access Level. They are also visible to federated contacts, depending on the assigned Access Level. They are not visible to public instant messaging contacts.

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For more information    see Presence FAQ - Communicator.

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