Providing Feedback to the Presenter

Use the seating chart to send feedback to the presenter. For example, the presenter might ask you to provide feedback about the tempo of the presentation.

To provide feedback to the presenter

From the Feedback menu, click one of the following options from the Feedback to Presenter list:

  • Need Help. There is something that you do not understand.

  • Slow Down. The presenter is going too quickly, and you would prefer her to go slower.

  • Speed Up. The presenter is going too slowly, and you would prefer her to go faster.

  • Question. You want to ask the presenter a question.

  • Proceed. The presenter is going at the right pace, and you do not need help. This is the default option.

Note: The meanings of the feedback options described in this topic are the ones supplied with Live Meeting by default. Meeting organizers can configure the feedback options to have different meanings. Check the legend for the color code in the seating chart to be certain what each feedback option means in your meeting.

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