Print in Excel Online when using a screen reader

Using only your keyboard and a screen reader, you can print a spreadsheet in Excel Online. Here's how:


  • When you use Excel Online, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer as your browser.

  • Excel Online is a web-based application, so the keyboard shortcuts and navigation may be different from those in Excel 2016. To learn more, see Accessibility features in Excel Online.

  • This topic assumes that JAWS users have the Virtual Ribbon Menu feature turned off.

The default print setting in Excel Online is to print an entire worksheet. To print only a table, or to print a range of cells, first select the cells that you want to print.

  1. In Excel Online, press Ctrl+P to open the Print dialog box.

  2. After you hear “Print Dialog” and “selected,” the screen reader will announce the selected print device. Use the arrow keys if you need to change to a different print device.

    Warning: The Print Options dialog box opens before the Print dialog box. Both JAWS and Narrator read this first dialog, which might be confusing.

    To follow the steps in this procedure, wait until you hear, "Print dialog" to take further action.

  3. Before you print, you can change some options:

    • To change printing preferences in the Print Preferences dialog box, press Alt+R.

    • To find a printer that isn’t listed in the Print dialog box, press Alt+D.

    • To change the number of copies, press Alt+C.

    • To print a specific page or range of pages, press Alt+G.

    • To print only the current page, press Alt+U.

    • To collate, press Alt+O.

  4. To move to the Print button, press Alt+P and then press Enter.

  5. In the Print Options dialog box, press Tab to choose between Entire Sheet and Current Selection.

  6. Press Enter to print.

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