Phone Log in Business Contact Manager

Use this form to create a record of a telephone conversation.

Business phone log

Subject     Type the subject of the phone call.

Call type      Select the type of call, for example, an initial, support, or follow-up call.

Call time

Start date     Click the arrow and select the date of the call.

Start time     Click the arrow and select the time of the call.

Start Timer     Click Start Timer to start timing the phone call.

Pause Timer     Click Pause Timer to pause the timer.

Total duration     Click the arrow and select the duration of the call. If you have started the timer, the total duration will automatically appear here.

Linked account, business contact, opportunity or business project

Link To      Type in the text field the names of AAccounts, Business Contacts, Opportunities, or Business Projects that you want to link this phone log to. You can also click Link To to open the Link to Business Contact Manager record dialog box, and select one or more Accounts, Business Contacts, Opportunities, or Business Projects.

Note: If you opened this form from within an Account, Business Contact, Opportunity, or Business Project record, the phone log will be linked automatically to that record when you save the form.

Created     The date and time that the note was created will be added automatically when you save the phone log.

Modified     The current date and time will be added automatically every time you save the phone log.


Add Time Stamp      Type your comments in the box. To add a date and time stamp, click the Add Time Stamp button.

Note: To access this form, on the File menu, point to New, and then click Phone Log.

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