Payment List: options and information

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009 only.

The Payment List provides a summarized view of all payments made by your company to customers, vendors, or employees.

All payments are listed when you open the Payment List from the Banking home page or menu. Other lists display payments related to the home page or the Banking menu from which you open the list. For example, only payments to vendors are displayed if you open the Vendor Payments List from the Vendors home page.

Open the list

Do one of the following:

  • Open the Payments List    
    On the Banking menu, point to Banking Lists, and then click Payments.

  • Open the Customer Refunds List    
    On the Customers menu, point to Customer Lists, and then click Customer Refunds.

  • Open the Vendor Payments List    
    On the Vendors menu, point to Vendor Lists, and then click Vendor Payments.

  • Open the Employee Payments List    
    On the Employees menu, point to Employee Lists, and then click Employee Payments.

List columns

List columns and descriptions

Information in the list is read-only. To make changes to a document, you must open it from the list.



Current View

Click the arrow next to Current View to select a different list view. For example, select All payments that have been created, or select only Not Issued, Issued, or Voided payments.

Payment Date

Displays the date a payment was created.

Payment No.

Displays the number that has been assigned to an issued payment. This number cannot be changed.


Indicates the status of a payment, which is Issued or Not Issued.

Issue Date

Displays the date a payment was issued.


Displays the name of the payee.


Displays the type of payment.

Payment Method

Displays the payment method (check, cash, or credit card) used to make the payment.

Amount Paid

Displays the amount paid.

*When Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 is set to use foreign currency, the column displays the amount paid in the currency used for the payment.


Displays the code for the currency used for the payment when Office Accounting 2009 is set to use foreign currency.

*Amount Paid (USD)

Displays the amount of the amount paid in U.S. dollars (USD) when Accounting 2009 is set to use foreign currency.

For more information about using foreign currency in Accounting 2009, see Use foreign currency.


Tasks you can perform in the Payment List

You can perform these tasks in the Payment List.



Add a new payment

In the upper-left corner of a Payment List, click Add a new Payment.

Void a payment

Right-click a payment, and then click Void. A payment cannot be deleted or edited.

Mark a payment as issued

If you tried to print a check, but wrote it manually instead, you can mark the payment as issued. Right-click a payment, and then click Mark as Issued.

Reissue a payment

Click Reissue Payment to reissue a previously issued payment.

Cancel an online vendor payment

Right-click an issued vendor payment, and then click Cancel Payment. For more information, see Cancel online vendor payments.

Note: This option is only available on the Vendor Payments List and the Payment List.

Additional actions

Actions menu commands

On the Actions menu, you can select the following commands.




Look for a payment in the list.

Export to Excel

Export the Payment List to Microsoft Office Excel.

Issue Payment

Issue payments for selected payments with a status of Not Issued.

Reissue Payment

Reissue a previously issued payment.

Cancel Payment

Cancel a selected online vendor payment.

Mark as Issued

Change a selected manual payment status to Issued.

New Payment

Create a new customer refund, vendor payment, or employee reimbursement.


Void a selected payment.

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