Pay by invoice, credit card, or bank account for Office 365 for business

You can pay for your Office 365 subscription either by credit card or bank account, or by invoice. When you set up your subscription, it is automatically set to auto-renew, which you can turn on and off.

How paying by credit card or bank account works

When you pay by credit card or bank account, you will be automatically charged for your Office 365 subscription until the end of your subscription term. You can update your credit card or bank account information whenever you need to.

Note: If you pay by credit card, and your credit card is declined, you’ll receive an email letting you know that we were unable to process the payment. You can update your credit card information and immediately submit the payment by using the Pay now button on the Subscriptions page. For more information, see “What if my credit card has expired and my payment is past due?” in Pay your bill for Office 365 or Azure.

How paying by invoice works

If your Office 365 subscription costs over a certain amount of money (this amount varies by service location), you will have the option to pay by invoice by using a wire transfer or check. A credit check may be required for larger invoice payments.

If you are invoiced for subscription payments, you’ll get an email that says your invoice is ready to view. If you enter a purchase order (PO) number when you buy a subscription, the number is on your invoice. For information about accessing invoices, see View your bill or invoice for Office 365 for business.

Note: By default, your organization’s billing notifications are sent to the Office 365 email address and the alternate email address of every global and billing admin in your organization. To change the alternate email address, see Change your billing addresses for Office 365 for business.

  • Your invoice includes details about your options for making a payment. For more information, see Pay your bill for Office 365 or Azure.

  • If a credit check is required as part of the payment process, you’ll be notified when you purchase your subscriptions. And, if you agree to be contacted, you’ll get an email that includes more information about applying for credit approval. Credit checks are usually completed within two business days.

Need to switch payment methods?

If your original reasons for choosing invoice, credit card, or bank account have changed, for example, if you adjust your subscription so that the payment amount is lower so that you no longer qualify for invoice payments, you can change your payment method. For more information, see Change your payment method for Office 365.

Turn auto-renew on or off

By default, subscriptions renew automatically each year on the day that you subscribed.

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account as a global admin. Learn how to sign in.

  2. Select the app launcher icon Office 365 app launcher icon in the upper-left and choose Admin.

  3. In the admin center, choose Billing > Subscriptions.

    The Billing menu in the new Office 365 Admin Center with Subscriptions selected.

  4. Select a subscription, and then switch the toggle to On or Off.

    A portion of a subscription card in the Office 365 admin center showing the auto renew toggle in Off position.

Note: Turning off auto-renew will not cancel your subscription. To cancel, see Cancel my subscription.

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