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Number 1

Signing into the Yammer network

Number 2

Editing your Yammer profile

Number 3

Accentuate the positive

Number 4

Following along

Number 5

Joining a group

Number 6

Participate in a Group

Number 7

Finding answers fast

Number 8

Keep it going

Reply to a message and post a message to a group to further the dialog, provide useful information or insight, ask questions, provide answers, and highlight best practices for others to see. Replying and posting also encourages contributions from your coworkers.

Start a conversation

Reply to a conversation

Engaging in conversations helps make the Yammer network more vibrant and build the pool of knowledge that others can tap. Browse the group postings, and then reply to a conversation to have a dialog with other group members.

  1. In the Groups list, click a group that you have joined.

  2. Scan the list of posts and conversations within each post, both of which are listed from newest to oldest.

  3. When you see a conversation that you want to respond to, click Reply.

    Replying to a person

    Tip: When there are already several replies, make sure you are replying to the right person, either the one who posted the original message, or another person who has replied. When you reply, Yammer tells you who you are replying to at the top of the Reply box.

  4. Enter your reply, and then click Post.

Post a message

Now it’s time to post your first message by sharing something useful, interesting, and likely to spur a more conversation.

  1. In the Groups list, click a group that you have joined.

  2. At the top of the group, click Update, and then enter a message.

    The Update dialog box
  3. If you want to attach a file, click The Attach icon .

  4. When you're finished, click Post.

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