Page Setup - Layout options

You can change where new sections start in your document, where headers and footers appear, and the vertical alignment of your page contents. You can also add line numbers and borders to your pages. Navigate to the Layout options by clicking File > Print > Page Setup > Layout. Or, click the dialog box launcher Dialog box launcher in the bottom-right corner of the Layout tab.

Layout tab in the Page Setup dialog box

Choose section settings

  • Under Section, choose where you want new sections to start.

    For more information about page sections, see Add section breaks.

Choose header and footer settings

  • Under Headers and footers, choose any header or footer settings you want.

    For more information, see Create different headers or footers for odd and even pages.

  • You can also specify how far your want your headers and footers to be placed from the edge of the page in the Header and Footer boxes.

Set vertical alignment

  • Under Page, you can align the vertical orientation of your text. In the Vertical alignment box, choose Top, Center, Justified, or Bottom.

Add line numbers

  • To add a number in the left margin next to each line of text, click Line Numbers, and then choose format options in the Line Numbers dialog box.

Add page borders

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