Defines a name and optional parameters.

Note: The PROCEDURE clause has been superseded by the PROCEDURE statement. Although the PROCEDURE clause is still supported, the PROCEDURE statement provides a superset of the capability of the PROCEDURE clause and is the recommended syntax.


PROCEDURE name [param1 datatype[, param2 datatype[, ...]]

The PROCEDURE clause has these parts:




A name for the procedure.

param1, param2

One or more field names or parameters. For example:

PROCEDURE Sales_By_CountryRegion [Beginning Date] DateTime, [Ending Date] DateTime;


One of the primary Microsoft Access SQL data types or their synonyms.


An SQL procedure consists of a PROCEDURE clause (which specifies the name of the procedure), an optional list of parameter definitions, and a single SQL statement. For example, the procedure Get_Part_Number might run a query that retrieves a specified part number.


  • If the clause includes more than one field definition (that is, param-datatype pairs), separate them with commas.

  • The PROCEDURE clause must be followed by an SQL statement (for example, a SELECT or UPDATE statement).

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