Online Order form: options and information

An Online Order form is created when you download an online order from an online marketplace. You can modify the online order before you convert it to an online sales receipt. Until an online order is converted, there is no financial effect on your company records.

You can view and open online orders from the Online Orders List.

When you download an online order, its status will be one of the following:

  • Pending Buyer Checkout    The buyer has committed to purchase but has not indicated a payment method and checked out of the marketplace.

  • Not Converted    The buyer has checked out of the marketplace.

You can do the following to an online order:

  • Convert the online order to an online sales receipt, if you are satisfied with the order, by clicking Convert to Online Sales Receipt on the toolbar. If the online order status is Pending Buyer Checkout, you can do one of the following:

    • Wait for a buyer checkout.

    • Edit the online order to add necessary information, such as customer name, shipping methods and charges, and payments methods.

  • Delete the online order, if you cannot come to an agreement with the buyer regarding terms or other options, by clicking Delete Order on the toolbar.

Open the form

An Online Order form is created when you download an online order from an online marketplace.

Customize the form

You can customize an Online Order form to meet your company's needs by adding, moving, or removing fields; or renaming field and group headers.

  • On the View menu, click Modify Layout.

Note: When you save a modified form, Microsoft Office Accounting will continue to open this template until you select a different template. To select a different template, click the arrow next to Current Layout on the toolbar.

Form options

Form options and descriptions



Top section of form


Displays the date of the buyer's commitment to purchase.


Displays a unique identifier for the document. It is based on incremental sequencing from the previous form of the same type. You can enter a different number.

Customer name

(Read-only.) Displays the name of the buyer associated with an online order.

Contact name

Displays the primary business contact name that is entered in a customer record. If a customer record does not contain a primary business contact, the first contact name with information appears. Click the arrow next to Contact name to select another contact.

Customer ID

Displays the name that a buyer uses to sign in to the online marketplace.

Bill to

Displays the Bill to address that the buyer provides to the marketplace. Click the arrow next to Bill to to select other available addresses that are in the customer record.

Ship to

Displays the Ship to address that the buyer provides to the marketplace. Click the arrow next to Ship to to select other available addresses that are in the customer record.


Displays the phone number that the buyer provides to the marketplace.


Displays the e-mail address that the buyer provides to the marketplace.


(Read-only.) Displays the marketplace from where the online order was downloaded.

Pay with

(Read-only.) Displays the method used to pay for the order. If the buyer has not yet checked out, the information can be added by modifying the Online Order form. Click Modify Order on the toolbar.

Delivery date

Displays the delivery date for the product or service. Click the arrow next to the Delivery date to open the calendar and select another date.

Paid on

Displays the date a buyer commits to make a purchase.

Products and services

The product line information in the table is read-only. However, you can add or change line information about shipping and insurance charges and sales tax by modifying the form. Click Modify Order on the toolbar to modify the form.


Displays the name of a sold item.


Displays the description of a sold item.


Displays the quantity sold of an item.

Unit Price

Displays the price per unit of a sold item.

Line Total

Displays the extended currency total of the line.


Displays whether an item is taxable or not.

Bottom section of form


Type additional comments or information about the online order for your records.


You can reference a buyer's purchasing information. This information prints on the form.

Add Links

Click Add Links to link customer-related records, files, reports, or photographs to the online order. Only the application icon and document name appear in the field. If you open a link, you are opening the original document or report, not a copy.


Displays the total price of the online order. This field cannot be edited.

Additional actions

Actions menu commands

On the Actions menu, you can select the following commands.



Print Packing Slip

Click to print a packing slip for an online order.

Transaction History

Open the Transaction History report for the open record.

E-Mail Sales Order

Send sales orders in e-mail.

Export to Word

Export a sales order to Microsoft Office Word.

Manage Word Templates

Open the Manage Microsoft Office Word Templates dialog box to manage Word templates by creating, modifying, or editing different invoice templates for use in Word.

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