Office Communicator 2007 Error Message Center

Sorry. We currently have no content for this error message. To help ensure that we have useful information for this error message in the future, please use the feedback mechanism at the bottom of this page to provide information about the conditions under which this error occurred. Please include the Error ID with your feedback.

Additional Resources

  • Microsoft Office Communicator Forum on Microsoft TechNet. View and post messages about Office Communicator 2007 R2 with other users and administrators in the community.

  • Microsoft Office Communicator Team Blog. Read blog posts from the Office Communicator team at Microsoft. Provide feedback on the product and find links to other related blogs, forums, and Web sites.

  • Communic ator Configuration Information. You or your system administrator may find the Communicator configuration information helpful when troubleshooting problems.

    1. In the Windows System Tray, press CTRL and right-click the Communicator icon.

    2. Click Configuration Information.

  • Communicator Logs. You or your system administrator might find Communicator logs helpful. For information on using logging, see the Logging Options heading at the end of the Sign in to Communicator topic.

Thank you from the Office Communicator team.

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